Despite 2:4 in the supercup: pep sees only “small mistakes

despite 2:4 in the supercup: pep sees only 'small mistakes

After the third goal against, the new bundesliga star coach went into a huff. Pep guardiola, in a chic white shirt and elegant dark leg robe, buried his hands deep in his trouser pockets, walked to the edge of the coaching area and bowed his head. The spaniard seemed to be puzzling over what went wrong at his compulsory premiere with the supposed uber-bavarians.

Later, he revealed that it was actually only fubball petitessen that led to the 2:4 (0:1) defeat in the german supercup against a highly motivated BVB. He did not feel that “dortmund was much, much better than us”. And guardiola tried to be demonstratively calm in his analysis.

“We will correct our small mistakes,” he announced before the cup appearance with the regional league kickers on 5. August in rehden and the bundesliga season debut four days later (9. August) against old champion borussia monchengladbach an.

And then the nice senor guardiola made an effort to distribute compliments: “congratulations to BVB on the victory”.” and, addressing his team: “my team played well and gave a good performance.”What happened on the pitch was the result of “isolated situations”. So: everything is not so bad.

Guardiola was pleased with the performance and attitude of his eleven. One thing, however, remained unclear on a spectacular evening of soccer that left the 80,645 fans in the sold-out stadium wanting more? Why there were hubsch anzuschauende ballstafetten, but still no vehement against it hold?

"I’m not here to analyze which team played better," guardiola loved to know. Bayern captain philipp lahm was also long-suffering 63 days after the 2:1 in the champions league final against BVB, not wanting to complain, although he too had "gladly taken the cup with him".

Schlieblich one was still in the preparation, schlieblich one had "not at the right time the goals made", schlieblich one had "at the worst time the goals received". Lahm: "now we’ll analyze, then we’ll move on."

It will go on, and certainly better. After all, keeper manuel neuer, whose replacement tom starke was an unsafe factor, franck ribery and 37-million-man mario gotze were missing, for example. Bastian schweinsteiger only came on in the 66th minute. Minute on the pitch. And at least arjen robben, who was booed mercilessly by the BVB fans, loved the game with his goals to make it 1-1 (54.) and to the 2:3 (64.) recognize that he is already back or still full of ambition.

In the zdf-sportstudio, bavaria’s triple-inspirer jupp heynckes gave his former players courage: five players from the royal league triumph at wembley had not been there from the start. Heynckes: "this shows that the team is not yet ready to deliver its absolute top performance."

Lahm reacted discreetly irritated to probing and doubtful questions. "Until yesterday everything was fine, and today everything is bad again," he loved to know. The nine test matches without defeat had been presented to the public "as if everything were already perfect. Lahm: "but it’s not like that."He and his comrades-in-arms had to "continue to work hard".

And if that is implemented, "no one in the bundesliga has a chance against bavaria at all," former munich pro paul breitner told the "abendzeitung". Breitner: "nobody beats us!" But in the supercup already …

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