A french girl for the circle

A french girl for the circle

Last friday, martina stamm-fibich, member of the federal parliament, encouraged the delegates of the erlangen-hochstadt district association to vote in the opposite direction: "a 100 percent election result is not always good", she said. And added with a smile: "i admit, i have martin-schulz-trauma." Nevertheless, she was unanimously nominated as the only candidate for the office of district administrator.

"She is a real french girl", melitta schon, oldburg champion of heroldsberg, explained in a warm-hearted greeting. "She can listen, and is at home in the countryside. She knows the life in a village community, where you still dig each other. I meet them everywhere, at church fairs, fire department festivals and at our strabenfest in heroldsberg. She is committed to good health care, not least through the hospital in hochstadt."

German hacker, mayor of herzogenaurach, called stamm-fibich an energy bundle. "I need an espresso on friday evening to get fit again, whereas you come from berlin and are immediately full of energy!" Alluding to her gross difference: "you never want to be in the photo with me – but neither does the previous district administrator." Hacker emphasized her ability to connect city and country, and was happy to fight side by side with her for the urban railroad.

I am envied by many in the federation for our county", said stamm-fibich. "Full employment, global players, apprenticeships – we are doing well. Unlike other deputies, I return here for the weekend."

Paying attention to changes

With regard to the party, she said: "we are not in a comfortable position. The things we are pushing for are not reaching the people." She appealed to people to carry on regardless: "something is changing in this country. The police are blind in the right eye, and they’re where they’ve been before. What is said today at every dinner table has been said before in this country. We must counteract this."

The current climate debate buried them as auind for local rail transport. "I hope we can make the extension of the stub to the east." In terms of education, she sees rough tasks with the grammar schools in spardorf and herzogenaurach. She also wanted to create more affordable housing through housing associations. The topic of care is very close to stamm-fibich’s heart. In many areas, the shortage of outpatient services is already glaring, she said. It is also important to enable elderly people living at home to participate in life.

District chairman fritz muller was satisfied with the election results and thanked stamm-fibich for campaigning locally in addition to her federal parliamentary mandate.

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